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Frequently Asked Questions

   What is NIN
   NIN stands for National Identity Number.

   I dont have a NIN what do i do
   You can visit any of the NIMC Enrollment Centers to obtain a NIN. You must enter a valid NIN to apply for the position, All Application with Invalid NIN would be removed on Wednessday of each week.

   What size of Pictures can i Upload
   The lesser the size, the easier the upload, Max size is 1MB.

   I didnt recieve any Email after registering
   Emails are automatically sent to all applicant who register succesfuly, you may need to check your SPAM or BULK folders.

   I didnt get a Registration Number, how do i log in
   All applicants with incomplete aplication do not get a Registration Number and so can not log in

   I get a 'Duplicate Error! The Specified Email has already been Used', what do i do
   This is because you have already registered. You can proceed by clicking on the link in the registration mail sent to you.

   Why does the browser redirect me to the home page each time i click on the link in the Registration mail
   This is because you have an incomplete application, Not to worry, The system will allow you restart your application after 24 hours. To restart, you will have to click on the link in the Registration Email.

   I am a graduate, can i apply
   Yes you can apply as a POLICE CONSTABLE if all other criteria are met.

   How long is the application process open for
   The application process will run for SIX (6) Weeks from 07/02/18

   How do i edit my existing application
   To Edit an already completed application:
  • You Login from the Home page (using Registration Number eg. 'XYZ/PC/1004333211' sent to your email and the password you used during registration. This takes you to your Profile Page.
  • At the Bottom of the Profile Page, you click Edit Profile, this takes you to Your Personal Information Page
  • You can make Necessary Changes on your Personal Information page and click continue (This takes you to your Educational / Uploads Page)
  • From Education / Uploads Page you can adjust your Education information etc
  • Note:* Files already ulpoaded are displayed greyed out in their respective boxes. Avoid re-uploading

Support Center

Email: recruitmenthelp@policerecruitment.ng

NPF Headquarters
Luois Edet House
Garki Area 11, Garki
Abuja, Nigeria.

About NPF

Nigeria's police was first established in 1820. The first person to have the highest rank in all the police is commissioner general colonel KK. In 1879 a 1,200-member armed paramilitary Hausa Constabulary was formed. In 1896 the Lagos Police was established.

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